Co-Chaired by IOM, UNDP and UNHCR, the Issue-Based Coalition (IBC) on Large Movements of People, Displacement and Resilience serves as the Regional UN Network on Migration and as a platform to exchange the key advocacy messages related to large displacement of refugees and migrants for use during the high-level events, influencing public policy dialogues and legislative changes affecting persons of concern.

The Issue-based Coalition aims to provide coherent UN support at the country level towards SDGs nationalization inclusive of key issues related to large displacement of refugees, migrants and resilience.

The activities of the IBC are focused on: Promoting joint UN advocacy statements and common messages related to large movements of people, displacement and resilience;  supporting countries in including the resilience of refugees, migrants and stateless persons in national action plans; developing and promoting common UN approaches to raise awareness of the rights of refugees and migrants and to counter xenophobia; providing a regional perspective and strengthen regional partnership and involvement of stakeholders; improving coordination, communication and information-sharing on relevant key lessons and good practices.




  • Inclusion of persons of concern

    under the ‘no one left behind’ principle and support towards SDGs nationalization inclusive of the key issues related to large displacement of refugees, migrants and resilience.


In particular related to key messages and advocacy points, knowledge sharing, communication, and with regard to the Global Compact on Migration (GCM) and the Global Refugee Forum.  

Facilitate trainings for UNCTs on integrating migration into CCAs and UNSDCFs and for governments, UNCTs, CSO and stakeholders on implementing the Global Compact on Migration (GCM). 

Provide inputs to, and support the organisation of regional and intergovernmental events relevant to this IBC’s mandate. 

Provide ad hoc support to DCO, RCs and UNCTs as required on issues specific to the IBC’s mandate. 

  • Latin America and Caribbean

    Issue-based Coalition on Human Mobility

  • Arab States

    Issue-based Coalition on Migration

  • Africa

    Opportunities-/Issue-based Coalition on Displacement and Migration