In response to the call by the President of the General Assembly, the Coordinator of the United Nations Network on Migration, Mr. António Vitorino, and the Principals of the Network's Executive Committee to make a tangible commitment to advancing the implementation of the GCM through a pledge, the governments of Azerbaijan Luxembourg and Portugal, in their capacity as GCM Champion countries, convened a virtual event for the 56 Member States of the UNECE on 1 February 2022, involving stakeholders in inclusive IMRF preparations, this in turn responding to a process-oriented commitment called for by the pledging initiative. This briefing was an opportunity for other Member States to consider their own pledges and commitments as we approach the Forum, as well as receive updates on the organizational aspects of the IMRF.

The dedicated briefing on the road to the IMRF was convened by the GCM Champion Countries Azerbaijan, Luxembourg and Portugal, just over 100 days prior to this first ever landmark global review forum. The event was organised with the support of the United Nations Network on Migration and key stakeholders