The Issue-Based Coalition on Sustainable Food Systems and the United Nations Food Systems Coordination Hub are organizing a Regional preparatory meeting for the Food Systems Stocktaking Moment (STM), which will take place in Geneva, Switzerland, on the 28th of March 2023, on the sidelines of the 2023 UNECE Regional Forum on Sustainable Development. 

The regional meeting for the Europe and Central Asia region, organized as a technical-level workshop, will serve as a platform for the sharing of experiences, good practices, and lessons learned in national efforts to follow-up to the Food Systems Summit including through the operationalization and implementation of their National Pathways. 

Attending National Convenors and other stakeholders will be invited to identify priority actions and key messages for the Europe and Central Asia region to be synthetized in the form of a short document in the form of a technical report. 

The key messages will serve as the Europe and Central Asia region input for the planning of the 2023 Food Systems Stocktaking Moment.


Palais des Nations, Room XIX, 3RD Floor, Geneva


Only participants requiring a UNOG-issued identification badge to access the Palais des Nations should register their requests for accreditation online through the UNOG Indico system registration page at the following link: UNOG INDICO

Getting your badge and accessing the Palais des Nations:

Entry to the Palais des Nations requires a United Nations grounds pass issued to authorized users. Registered participants can obtain a badge at the Villa Les Feuillantines across the road from the Peace Gate by presenting a valid passport or a national identity card. Following the issuance of a badge, access to the Palais des Nations will be through the Peace Gate “bis”, a new temporary access screening point.

Please arrive one hour before the event on Tuesday, 28 March to get the accreditation badge at the Villa Les Feuillantines located in Avenue de la Paix 13, 1211 Genève 10.

Once you are in the Palais des Nations:

From the Peace Gate, follow the signs to Door 40 of the E Building (main diplomatic entrance to meeting rooms of the Palais des Nations). Enter the building through this door and proceed to the venue of the meeting in Room XIX, 3RD Floor.